A Day North

The morning begins here. 

Provender Coffee & Provisions


Point "A" along a ribbon of tarmac that would lead us to the days final and delicious culmination. 

Tanks full, a potent mixture of 93 octane and Sightglass espresso, we mount up and take off north.

San Francisco summer - our first leg finds us deep amongst the fog as we journey into the Headlands.

We reach the summit of Mount Tamalpais, high above San Francisco Bay - a sunny oasis awaits us, the cloak of fog below.

We continue north up Highway One towards Tomales bay, but not without one final stop along a quiet stretch of road.

Back amongst the fog, we reach the small village of Marshall and the venerable Marshall Store - best oysters in The Bay and our final destination. It's Thursday, so oyster:dollar ratio reaches 1-to-1. We fill our plates, make small talk between bites, and grin ear-to-ear on a proper soul mission. 

To wrap, no adventure is complete with a small bit of the unexpected. On this day, this meant running out of fuel. So before trekking it back home to the city, a mini re-supply mission sealed the deal on a day my buddies and I will never forget.


Brothers, Austin & Tony Ferrari 

Owners/Head Chef, Provender & Hillside Supper Club